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Uzbekistan and Polygamy: New Love and Broken Hearts.

Jalil Buriyev left Uzbekistan for Russia two decades ago, when he was just 18. He started out working as a lumberjack in Abakan, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Khakassia, and made what was then considered good money. After four years, he returned home and married Sanobar, a woman from his village in southeastern Uzbekistan’s Kashkadarya Province.

Despite tying the knot, Jalil continued to spend most of his time in Abakan, where 10 years later he married a local ethnic Khakas woman called Ilona. Sanobar, with whom he had two daughters, reluctantly gave her blessing.

“What was I supposed to do? My husband has been working there for 20 years and comes home every two years. I never imagined he would betray me in this way. I went to the imam for advice. He told me that if a man is able to provide for two families, then he is free to go ahead and marry,” Sanobar told EurasiaNet.org.

Earlier this year, Jalil returned to his home village with his Khakas wife and their six-year-old daughter in tow.

“I decided to introduce Ilona to my parents and, of course, to Sanobar. My wives have found common ground, and Sanobar has taken in my Russian daughter like her own,” he told EurasiaNet.org.

Ilona said she was afraid to visit Uzbekistan at first, but agreed after much persuasion from her in-laws.

“The excitement and fear passed when I met Sanobar and my husband’s parents. Before getting married, I adopted Islam and began to learn Uzbek. Jalil is a very caring husband. He does not drink and he makes good money. We have a big house in Abakan and I am happy,” she told EurasiaNet.org.

Unlike Jalil, Nodir Zafarov is not so eager to speak openly about his second family in Kazakhstan. The 31-year old is from Namangan, a conservative Ferghana Valley city. He is married to a fellow Namangani and has a son.

Eight years ago, he opened an Uzbek bakery in Almaty, Kazakhstan. To ensure his business prospered, he insisted on keeping close tabs on the bakery and began returning home more seldom.

“One time in Almaty I met Sabina, who ran a hairdressing salon next to our bakery. She is a Uyghur. First we made friends, and eventually we decided to get married through the Islamic [marriage] rite of nikah,” Zafarov told EurasiaNet.org.

But as Zafarov explained, if his first wife finds out, he will be forced to return home without delay, so he is keeping the nuptials secret for now.

In contrast to those two men, Aziz Nurullayev, 34, a taxi driver in Moscow, is eager to forget about his wife and daughter in Uzbekistan. He has married a Russian woman with whom he has two sons, and has not been back to Uzbekistan for five years. Nurullayev declined to explain how this situation has come about, but said that he is determined to remain in Russia for good.

Similar examples of polygamy among migrant laborers can be found in almost every town and village in Uzbekistan. All the same, the issue has almost never been discussed in local media.

That changed a few weeks ago after President Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated publicly that new legislation was needed to combat polygamy more robustly. His main target appears to be the clerics that he said propagate the practice. “To stop this lawlessness we are drawing up a draft bill,” Mirziyoyev said on June 19. “Every mullah that performs the nikah rites without a witness or marriage registration documents will be punished.”

Despite the taboo nature of the issue, local authorities are regularly confronted by women demanding that the government somehow force their husbands to return home, or at the very least provide financial assistance. Life as a solitary mother is miserable and hard in Uzbekistan.

“Of course, local district administrations and women’s committees try in their own way to help these women. Often the wives of migrants are forced to come to terms with the situation, but only on condition that the husbands pay some kind of child support,” Muhabbat Nusratova, a deputy with a local district council in Kashkadarya Province, told EurasiaNet.org.

Sergei Abashin, a St. Petersburg-based expert on Central Asia, said that it is virtually impossible to determine the scale of polygamy among Uzbek migrants.

“This is inevitable. People are separated from their families for entire months and years. Some of them find temporary partners in Russia who then turn into permanent partners. As far as statistics go, if such cases occur among, let’s say, even 0.1 percent of those who migrate, you are still talking about 1,500 to 2,000 people. And over a number of years, the total number could have grown to tens of thousands of cases,” Abashin said.

As Mirziyoyev argued, if polygamy is so ubiquitous in Uzbekistan, it is religious figures at the local level that may bear some responsibility.

An imam in Kashkadarya Province, Bobokhon Rahimov, told EurasiaNet.org that the practice typically gets his blessing.

“If a man is able to provide for both families, then there is nothing reprehensible about it. These are also traditions of Islam. But if a man who is living abroad has already broken off with his first wife back in his homeland, he should declare talaq [a Sunni Muslim marriage annulment rite]. Or the wife can apply three times for the husband to declare talaq. If this does not happen, then the woman has the right to remarry,” Rahimov told EurasiaNet.org.

If clerics take a liberal view on polygamy, authorities are on paper less forgiving. Uzbek law dictates that polygamy or cohabitation with two or more women is punishable by a stiff fine or up to three years in jail.

Only two offenders have ever faced penalties, however.

In 2012, Yakub Normurodov, the head of a local education department in Surkhandarya Province, was convicted for polygamy. And two years earlier, the head of police in the city of Gulistan was dismissed over the same offense.

Sahiba Hayitova, a blogger and journalist living in Moscow, told EurasiaNet.org that many migrants usually exploit Islamic customs to satisfy primal urges. And sometimes their goals are far more pragmatic – marriage with a Russian citizen greatly simplifies the process of securing the documentation needed to obtain permits for permanent residence.

“I am certain that most Uzbek women would never give their consent for their husbands to begin a new family in Russia. But when they face such problems, they are forced either to support themselves and their children independently, or to turn to their parents for help,” Hayitova said.


Climate change is a weapon to destroy Europe and the Western world, because it will drive new populations in huge numbers to Europe. Climate change is easy to accelerate through forest fires anywhere in the world. Huge forest fires in the Third World can contribute more to global warming than all the cars of Europe and North America.


The women who beg to be whipped… to show their LOVE: Brutal Ethiopian tribal ceremony sees females lashed to demonstrate dedication to their men

Women from the Hamar tribe are whipped to show their love for men going through Rite of Passage ceremony

Their scars are said to demonstrate their capacity for love, and allows them to call on help from those who marked them

The tradition is known as Ukuli Bula, and women beg men to whip them during ceremony

A tribal ceremony during which young women are whipped in order to show the sacrifices they make for men is revealed in a series of photographs.

Members of the Hamar tribe in Ethiopia believe the elaborate scars demonstrate a woman's capacity for love, and if they fall on hard times later in life it allows them to call on those who whipped them for help.

Women are whipped as part of a Rite of Passage ceremony for boys, when female family members declare their love for the young man at the heart of the celebration.

After the ceremony the boy becomes a man, and is allowed to marry.

The brutal tradition is known as Ukuli Bula, and was captured by photographer Jeremy Hunter. Instead of fleeing, women beg men to whip them again during the ceremony, held in the Omo River Valley.


Dictatorship is the only honest political system. Rulers rule for their own benefit, or maybe (maybe!) the interests of a ruling class. That is why warlordism is the political system of the future.


Nothing, absolutely nothing, flatters a girl more than a man committing suicide because of her.


The ergogenic effects of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack: A Pilot Study

Eurycoma longifolia Jack (ELJ), which contains quassinoids such as eurycomalacton, eurycomanon, and eurycomanol, has been reported to have aphrodisiac properties and to increase testosterone levels in men. Previous studies have established that the testosterone supplementation increases fat free mass, muscle strength, and muscle mass, which are important for physical function and athletic performance. Thus, the objective of this study was to investigate the effect of the increase in testosterone levels, obtained by administration of ELJ, on body composition and muscle strength and size in men.

Fourteen healthy men performed an intense strength training program with initial load of 60% RM (2 sets of 10 repetitions with 1 minute rest between, for 10 stations) on alternate days for five weeks. Simultaneously, seven men were randomly selected to consume 100 mg/day ELJ water soluble extract, and seven men received a placebo. The intensity of the exercise was increased by 10% RM/week. Body composition, arm circumference, one repetition maximum (1 RM), and surface electromyography (sEMG) activity were measured and recorded one day before and after the five weeks of supplementation and intervention.

The lean body mass of the treatment group showed a significant increment, from 52.26 (7.18) kg to 54.39 (7.43) kg (p = 0.012), but no significant changes in fat free mass were observed in the placebo group. Percentage body fat was significantly decreased in the treatment and placebo group, from 31.30 (5.48)% to 28.44 (6.43)% (p = 0.01) and from 22.83 (2.43)% to 21.33 (2.35)% (p = 0.001) respectively. The 1RM test showed a significant increase from 73.71 (16.63) to 78.71 (17.0) kg (p = 0.006) in the treatment group and from 77.29 (8.9) to 79.43 (8.8) kg (p = 0.011) in the placebo group. The increase in strength in the treatment group was larger than in the placebo group (6.78% and 2.77% respectively).

The mean frequency of sEMG on the biceps in the treatment and placebo groups decreased significantly, from 121.77 (40.0) to 90.47 (64.6) μ V (p = 0.012) and from 127.95 (30.9) to 98.8 (50.1) μ V (p = 0.036) respectively. The treatment produced 2.92% greater reduction in electrical activity of the muscle measured at the end of the experiment compared with placebo. The mean arm circumference of the treatment group increased significantly by 1.8 cm after the supplementation, from 30.87 (1.88) to 32.67 (1.96) cm (p = 0.011), but there was no significant increase in the placebo group. The results suggest that water soluble extract of Eurycoma longifolia Jack increased fat free mass, reduced body fat, and increased muscle strength and size.


Zimbabwe: Age of Consent to Go Up to 18 - Mnangagwa

8 MARCH 2017 - Allafrica

VICE PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says government was in the process of introducing a law that would see the statutory age of consent to sex by girls raised from 16 to 18 years.

He was responding to calls by Senators on Tuesday that the minimum age one could be allowed to consent to sex should be aligned to a 2016 Constitutional Court ruling which outlawed the marriage of or among minors below 18.

While the ruling was followed with euphoric victory among child and women's rights activists, some felt it remained hollow as girls as young as 16 could still indulge in sex and even conceive children for as long as they did not proceed to get married before 18.

"We have a landmark ruling in this country which states that nobody should be married or be married off when they are below the age of 18," Senator representing people with disabilities, Anna Shiri, had said earlier.

She was contributing to a motion which called on the government to ratify and incorporate into its gender laws, the SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage.

Zimbabwe, currently, is in the process of enacting a law which seeks to operationalise the outlawing of child marriages.

"At the same time we have this Bill," Shiri said, "while we have part of the Act which says there is an age of consent to sex which is 16 years of age.

"As a result, there is some contradiction where early marriage is 18 years yet the consent to sexual activity is 16 years. We need to align these laws."

Mnangagwa, who was speaking as the country's justice minister, said government was considering raising the age of consent to 18.

"I may also say that the other two points you have raised relating to the issue of consent between juveniles or children, anybody who is below 18 is regarded as a child," Mnangagwa said.

"We had a Committee to deal with that and we have arrived at a possible solution which will come to Parliament on the issue of consent between an adult and juvenile or between a juvenile and a juvenile.

"Those issues we have debated and we believe that we should bring up also the age of consent to the age of 18. Of course, this is subject to debate when it comes to Parliament."

Mnangagwa said his ministry was in the process of aligning all the marriage laws and the progressive provisions of the SADC Model law he said will be incorporated in the comprehensive proposed Marriages Bill.

The proposed Bill will be able to amend the Marriages Act and the Customary Marriages Act and all other laws that are outdated in relation to marriages.


Arthur Schopenhauer, the greatest German philosopher, on women: Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex … More fittingly than the fair sex, women could be called the unaesthetic sex. Neither for music, nor poetry, nor the plastic arts do they possess any real feeling of receptivity: if they affect to do so, it is merely mimicry in service of their effort to please.


Young Sex for Sale in Japan


Japan has a serious problem with the sexualisation of children. From bars where men pay to meet schoolgirls to suggestive pictures of very young children and comic books featuring child rape, the country has faced global criticism for its attitudes. It was only three years ago that possessing genuine child pornography was finally made illegal.

Stacey Dooley, one of BBC Three’s most popular documentary-makers fronts another powerful, hard-hitting investigation when she travels to Tokyo, Japan to look into what effect the law banning child porn has had and to see if the attitude towards the sexualisation of children has changed.

Stacey discovers a culture where sexual images of young girls are widespread and used for commercial gain. Her first stop is a legal Tokyo ‘JK’ café in which high-school aged girls are paid to provide company to older men – who tell her that it is perfectly normal to talk about sex and hold hands with girls as young as 15 dressed in school uniform.

Stacey uncovers an even more disturbing legal grey area exists in Japan called ‘Chako Ero’ where children as young as six are filmed or photographed in erotic clothing. She speaks to a producer of these films as well as a self-confessed paedophile to try and discover just why some Japanese culture seems to encourage inappropriate exploitation and sexualisation of children.

Following the law change, the documentary examines what else Japan is doing to stop normalising the sexualisation of children. Stacey meets volunteers from a charity trying to help vulnerable girls, as well as the Head of the Juvenile Section at the National Police to find what they are doing to protect young girls.


Because executions by swordare such good fun to watch, ISIS has many fans worldwide. No business is like show business.


Arthur Gary Bishop


Arthur Gary Bishop went from being a honor student, Eagle Scout and teenage missionary to an obsessed pedophile and child killer that he later attributed to pornography that he was to exposed to while growing up.

Personal Information:

Born - 1951 Birthplace - Hinckley, UT Died - June 10, 1988 Location of Death - Utah State Prison Cause of Death - Execution - Lethal Injection General Information:

Gender - Male Religion - Mormon Ethnicity - White Education - Stevens-Henager College Occupation - Accounting Crime Chronology:

1978 - Excommunicated from the Mormon Church 1978 - Embezzlement 1984 - Murder 1984 - five counts - convicted 1984 - Kidnapping 1984 - five counts - convicted 1984 - Sexual Abuse 1984 - Sexual Abuse of a Minor Profile:

Gary Bishop molested children for many years without being caught. At some point his crimes advanced to murder, which he discovered also fed his sick needs. Bishop killed five young boys from 1979 until his capture in 1983. To try to control his impulses he would perform his abuse on puppies, but that failed.

After confessing to his crimes he was tried and sentenced to death. In preparation for his execution by lethal injection, he read the Book of Mormon repeatedly and shielded himself from the profanity spoken by the other inmates by wearing headphones.

In the final hours prior to his execution he fasted and prayed. Arthur Gary Bishiop was executed by lethal injection by the state of Utah on June 10, 1988. He was 37 years old.

Known Victims:

Alonzo Daniels Age four. Murdered after being kidnapped from his families apartment complex courtyard.

Kim Peterson Age 11.

Murdered after going to Bishop's home to sell him his roller skates.

Danny Davis Age four. Murdered after being kidnapped at a grocery store.

Troy Ward Age six. Murdered after being kidnapped on his birthday from a park near his home.

Graeme Cunningham Age 13. Murdered after he vanished from his neighborhood.


Why is sex so important? Because sex builds an immortal individual soul.


You probably have to look at imagery of death and dying regularly to stay focused on what really counts in life: great sex before you are gone anyway.


How men from Africa and Asia can easily migrate to Europe: Western African route

The route between Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco and the Spanish Canary Islands was once the busiest irregular entry point for the whole of Europe, peaking at 32 000 migrants arriving on the islands in 2006.

But the numbers dropped by 60 per cent in 2007 following bilateral agreements between Spain and Senegal and Mauritania, including repatriation agreements. Strengthened border controls, including the installation of the SIVE maritime surveillance system, also helped, along with the Frontex-coordinated Operation Hera.

Migrants on this route were mostly from Morocco and Senegal, with others from Niger, Nigeria and Mali. They generally travelled in long wooden fishing boats, known as cayucos; migrants from Morocco use smaller fishing boats called pateras.

The numbers continued to drop from 2007, until by 2012 there were just 170 arrivals in the Canaries. The figure remained stable for the next two years, although it rose to 874 in 2015.

The Moroccan smuggler operation is not well developed. Sea passages tend to be arranged by individuals working independently, serving clients who have made their own way to the coast rather than using the services of organised networks. Small boats found on Lanzarote containing very small numbers of migrants gave strong indications that drug smuggling was the primary goal of these journeys.


Educated women are sexually less attractive, so let's stop that nonsense of sending every girl to school.


Men Who Love to Hate

Pasadena Weekly

Hey there, haters! Do you hate blacks, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, gays and anyone else who is not white, straight and Protestant? The Ku Klux Klan has a place for you! And ladies, you can wear the outfits too! What if you don’t rock a hood that well and feel claustrophobic wearing one, or feel that burning crosses on lawns is too much work? Try neo-Nazism. They almost have the same hate list as the KKK and the outfits are much more form fitting and Third Reich-ish. And if you’re blonde, well … blondes do have more fun, right?

Still not what you’re looking for? We might have something perfect for you, regardless of your skin color, ethnicity or religious affiliation — except if you’re a woman or gay man. If so, do not even think of joining … wait for it … The Return of Kings. Can you hear the TRUMPet fanfares? Can you see the bowing and scraping and boot kissing? Can you imagine the outfits?

The crowns, the Ermine-trimmed velvet robes, the bling! Oh yes, and the most important part: countless numbers of vicious, scheming women just waiting to be ravished!

The ROK categorically despises women, so you can still hate Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Protestants, agnostics and atheists, plus feminist women of any group! Particular vitriol is reserved for women with brains who relate to themselves as human beings and not merely as f#@k-holes, a charming term for women coined by the late bad-boy poet Charles Bukowski.

No, you are not reading The Onion right now. You’re reading “Consider This,” and I’m sorry to say that Return of Kings is not a parody or a joke or SNL skit. It is the creepy, dangerous, Trump-supporting and insane “neo-masculinity” group, the brainchild of a Hitler-esque man who is undoubtedly still living in his parents’ basement like most of his 13,000 followers. His name — which I’m reluctant to state since it’s helping to legitimize someone who shouldn’t have any visibility at all — is Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh. And apparently the only thing that makes him superior is that he has a penis. That’s it.

If you’re a liberal or progressive or just an old-fashioned Republican who hasn’t ingested the Tea Party Kool-Aid, you understand that Mr. ROK hasn’t “arisen” in a vacuum. He is a reflection of the same gestalt that has some extremists salivating over Donald Trump and his ideas. The Return of Kings is a backlash against the next global revolution that must happen if we’re going to have a shot at a world that works for everyone, which involves the equality and full citizenship of half the planet, namely, women.

Valizadeh is a bitter nerd who has created a movement because no self-respecting woman wanted to sleep with him. Talk about vagina envy. Now he’s in the news because he called for a “Pro-Rape Meet-up” that was to have convened last week on Feb 6, in more than 40 cities at various locations around the world. The event was eventually canceled over fears stemming from not being able to guarantee the safety and privacy of attendees due to planned protests. I kid you not. Advocating fear is one thing, but experiencing it is quite another. Canceling the event is like a KKK member being afraid to march in case someone will speak out against them, then getting the leadership to call off the march rather than face the consequences of their words and actions.

In the early 1970s, Andrea Dworkin wrote a book called “Woman Hating” that is truly a must-read for any person, woman or man, who wants to get a grip on gender politics. Sadly, “Woman Hating” is still relevant. Many women have the words “man-hater” hurled at them for expressing ideas of justice and equality as they point out misogyny and discrimination. The real problem is rampant woman-hating, not man-hating, either expressed with glee and openness like the ROK idiots or through more subtle means like glass ceilings, double standards and vicious stereotypes that negatively impact both women and men.

It would be easy to ignore or dismiss ROK; doing so is folly. They are not monsters or aliens. They live next door to you. They are in the grocery store or at a coffee shop. They are around at probably the same rate as sociopaths, which by some estimates is about 5 percent of the population. There’s reading that can help shed some light: Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear,” will have you looking at scary people a lot differently, as will “The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout. Not all sociopaths are serial killers or mass murderers. They simply thrive on making themselves feel superior by joining others in putting down the targets they hate and blame for almost everything.

Haters thrive on secrecy. Before the event was canceled, the ROK issued a secret “password phrase” for attendees, which undoubtedly changed once the word got out. The password created to help participants recognize each other was “Do you know where the nearest pet shop is?”

My password phrase? “Please get help now. The only place you are a king is in your head… and that’s a very bad neighborhood.”


The Thai miracle sex herbal butea superba has strong antiviral properties. It is now investigated as a cure for AIDS.


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